Lukas Design

About Lukas Design

Designing stunning interiors, Lukas Design brings together sophisticated use of colour, and attention to form and space to design confident, harmonious spaces. We draw inspiration from the environment that surrounds around us, blending natural textures with sumptuous finishings.


About Lukas Design

Led by award-winning designer Gretl Lukas, we deliver enduring and considered design solutions. Gretl's vision and attention to detail ensures excellence in every project we undertake.

The combination of extensive experience, in-depth knowledge of layering materials and fabrics; a sophisticated use of colour and attention to form and space; ultimately ensures the creation of exquisite interiors for work, home and holidays.

Clients trust us to deliver luxurious lodges, exquisite homes, productive workspaces, and beautiful restaurants. You too can relish our timeless and harmonious design solutions.


our design process

A hands-on bespoke process to meet each unique client’s needs. Our offer is end-to-end from the initial design and curation of space through to the oversight and management of the fit-out and placement of the final furnishings. We create perfect settings for your enjoyment wherever you are.

We have a passion for designing original and timeless spaces using a sublime blend of natural textures and finishings. Our work features the best of New Zealand's natural materials, and we source as local as possible wherever appropriate. The connection of textures and locally sourced products and materials, careful layering of materials and colours results in the most sublime interiors.

We work with New Zealand’s best craftspeople in their respective fields from stone masonry to lighting. This ecosystem each delivering considered and unique design pieces for each project and design solution.

Inspiration comes from many places – light and landscapes, art and nature, and the different cultural heritages of the world.

Tell us your vision and what you love - let us deliver the rest.